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SMK | University of Applied
Social Sciences

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Deliverables – Web for Desktop & Mobile & Student Identity Generator

SMK university of applied social sciences is based in Vilnius, Lithuania. It is an educational institution geared towards students – one’s individual talent, potential, and intelligence that must be disclosed, developed and valued. Our biggest inspiration were SMK people. Every SMK student is a unique individual, all together they are forming a vibrant, dynamic and active community. To represent every individual we created more than 200 pictograms. Together they become a graphic system that overcomes any limitations of a traditional logo and helps to recognise the brand from a distinctive set of different visual elements. Branding by &andstudio.

Featured in Behance.

SMK Student Identity Generator

With this app SMK students can create their own unique symbol. 4 easy steps of games and tests and
the application generates a personal logotype. The exported logotype can be used on any university paper work, social media or merchandising.