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headwear from Europe

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Deliverables – Web for Desktop & Mobile & Individual Cap Customiser

Hothead Cap Co. is a family-owned and operated company, located in Lithuania, that has been in the headwear industry for over 25 years. Hothead has seen many changes and is proud to be leading the growth, this company began by hand-sewing headwear, we are now well equipped to create headwear of all kinds, from promotional caps to custom headwear. Today, Hothead is focused on bringing our expertise to customers all around Europe as they earn recognition for our flexibility, reliability, and creativity. Branding by &andstudio. Photos by Martyna Jovaisaite.

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Individual Cap Customiser

Businesses and individuals can easily order their custom caps online. You can choose from variety of cap types, colours, fabrics and embroidery types that matches your needs. As Hothead is a direct manufacturer, they control whole production process that will be customized to meet any project requirements. Each completed hat foregoes over 40 production stages and requires at least 15 types of specialized equipment to meet the quality standard.